A Little More About Me

I thought it might be a good idea to share more about myself with you just in case you were wondering. I’ve had a pretty eclectic journey thus far and I’m very grateful for your interest so buckle up!

Ryan and ReoI have always been an active person and have practiced a number of sports including rugby, baseball and hockey. I have a Bachelor of History with a Minor in Computer Science so technical information and research have always come naturally to me. Most of my career was spent in a customer service roll including several years in an emergency call centre.

Years of abnormal working hours, traveling and generally living an unhealthy lifestyle caused me to gain more weight than I ever thought possible and I was not feeling good about myself.

After a few years of weight gain and generally negative living, I was directed to Tim Ferriss as a great resource to start on a journey of self-improvement. Funny enough, I was directed to Tim’s book, Four Hour Workweek, in an effort to optimize my workday. I started improving my work life by consciously reviewing each and every task to remove anything that was redundant. An unforeseen side effect of all of the optimization exercises at work, I also started reviewing things in my personal life to make sure I was fully optimizing my life as a whole. Through Tim Ferris’ three books, Four Hour Workweek, Four Hour Body and Four Hour Chef, I discovered concepts like diet changes, Stoicism, and the minimum effective dose.

While I was working to optimize my life, naturally, my health became a very important area of focus for me. I tried basically everything I could find including cutting out fast food, the slow carb diet, calorie-restriction, and lots of exercise. Sadly, nothing seemed to work for me. I did some work with a coach back in 2014 wherein I was powerlifting and had a prescribed diet to follow. The diet, while being high in carbohydrates did call for an increased fat intake. It was the first time I saw my weight drop at all.


Fast-forward a couple of years and an additional 25lbs gained, I found myself at a loss yet again. I had hit 230lbs and as someone who always had a hard time putting on weight as a teenager and young adult, I was appalled by the state of my body. I just happened upon the Ketogenic lifestyle online and decided to do some of my own research. I did research for over a month before I decided to dive in. The initial weight loss was a total shock! I went down 20lbs in the first two months. Better yet, I felt absolutely incredible! My performance in ice hockey had improved significantly, mental alertness was through the roof and I just felt so good about myself.

I spent the better part of 2017 eating lazy Keto which basically means giving myself some leeway and not strictly sticking to the guidelines of the Keto lifestyle. While letting my health fall by the wayside a bit, I continued doing research into another passion: lifestyle optimization. The end of 2017 saw me get much more serious about Keto and my overall health. I started 2018 officially down 34lbs and looking for any way to be healthier both physically and mentally.

As of May 10, 2018, I am down 45lbs overall and my body composition has changed completely. I have become even more active adding in three to four 20km bike rides to and from work, three lunchtime runs of 6+ km, and three hockey games each week. All of these changes have helped to improve my attitude and general outlook. I have never been as positive as I am today. I’ve begun evangelizing about the benefits of lifestyle changes and all of the talk seems to have had an effect on a few people in my life who are making similar changes and are not looking back.

I’m not exactly certain about the future. I’m going to continue working on myself each and every day. I’m also going to consider lifestyle coaching and putting in more work on my blog to see where this incredible journey will take me.

On this blog, you’ll find everything from stories about my progress and journey, research I want to share, book reviews and stories about my four-year old Weimaraner Lab mix, Reo.


Stay tuned!

Published by The Everyday Guy

Expecting dad, dog dad, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu enthusiast, casual athlete, and nutrition buff. Obsessed with everything pertaining to bettering myself through nutrition and physical activity.

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